Exam Part two.

The Explanation of what techniques and reasons behind the pictures used: I firstly got a hold of some of the photos from my travels and friendship. These photos show the travels and the good times of my life so far. The techniques I used in Photoshop was to magic wand certain photos and the tac / push pin things to make the photos look like they are on a cork board. I used the shadow and blend tool to make the photos look like they are kind of 3D and posted on a cork board. I had to make sure the photos were on the right layers to make the photo complete and just right.

*main photo and just the photo collage on its own below*

*The Letter to myself of five years, In case it is not clearly readable in the photo.*

Dear the wiser five year older Shelby Elena,
After finishing four years of university and now teachers college I can’t believe my first job came so quickly. I got hired to teach at my old high school Holy Trinity. I wonder what the school is like now. I have such fond memories of important lessons that were life changing. My high school years were so much easier compared to my university struggles. Thank heavens I’ve landed a job because living on my own has cost a lot of money. I am thankful for all the teachers I had for encouraging me to further on in my career choice and giving me a starting base. I still kept in touch with many high school friends, but have made many life long friends in university. The bonds on sport teams and clubs helped me to be more outgoing and find common interest with others throughout my travels and school years. If I hadn’t played rugby in high school and learned the rules I would have never been able to be the captain of my university team. The skills from high school to be a team player and leader has really followed me and helped my character. When I look back at my years in high school it sure was simpler and for sure not as expensive. I laugh at the moments of how some things were so important back then and mean so little now. I really treasure the value of my family. You don’t realize till you’re on your own, that you miss the taste of moms home cooking and sound of dads corny jokes. Can you imagine I’m writing this by talking to my computer, in the older days I had to type it. You can defiantly say that I have learned a lot in those past five years, I always remember back to the quote said by Wayne Gretzky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. This quote is a motivational tool to tell myself to never be afraid to take that winning shot, there is no shame in a missed shot. I have the chance of succeeding at something if you try. If I don’t try you get nowhere. I am very satisfied at where I am in life right now I’m excited to see where the future leads us.
Lots of Love, Shelby Storey


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