32. canadian polar bear dip

Polar Bear Swims, Polar Bear Plunges, Polar Bear Dips, Dives or Dunks – whatever name you give it, the idea is the same. Every year crowds of people take a few moments out of New Year’s Day to put reason aside and fling themselves into the nearest large body of very cold water. One session of shivering and splashing is all that’s needed to consider yourself a part of the Polar Bear Club, and Toronto has no shortage of members.

If you’d like to take the plunge yourself, the best idea is to find a well-organized large group event. These are generally done in support of a charity, with swimmers taking pledges and spectators making donations to the chosen cause. As well, there are plenty of safety precautions taken to try to keep all swimmers safe. Still, there are inherent risks involved in these swims, so all of the events listed here come with detailed warnings and waivers. It’s important you read them carefully before you decide to take part.

If  you want to take part you better look out for it next year and freeze your butt off :)!


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