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Don’t Follow your dreams


Nowhere in the phrase “Follow Your Dream” does it suggest that it will not require work. In fact – by working toward a dream, you are following it – you can’t do as the phrase suggests without action. Did the author think it meant “Follow your dream while sleeping?” -and if the author also advises: “Don’t Follow Your Dream.” – but somehow, still have a vision and goal that you are willing to sacrifice and work extremely hard for?….Thought the goal was actually considered the “dream” in that well known phrase. It simply doesn’t make sense that just because one person did the wrong thing, and made a huge error, and also used the phrase “I always had a dream…” to now completely dismiss the concept all together. There are plenty of very successful artists, inventors, engineers etc…who worked their whole lives toward a “dream” or “vision.” I’m sure they would not object to the phrase. The author is perhaps misinterpreting the words “follow” and “dream.” and of course people need to follow their dreams. All the writer is doing is negatively interpreting and warping a common phrase because of some bad experiences he had. I understand the point he’s making, but he fails miserably trying to connect the ideas of following your dreams with laziness and entitlement. It’s unfortunate, because instilling a strong work ethic in the next generation is a laudable goal – too bad it was at the expense of an otherwise inspirational phrase. The author of this was female too which i found interesting :)!


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