proposal November 19.

Idea: a still motion film , of life . And a college of own photos taken to create a cool image (reminder lion / st mikes portraits and school building) .

What communications technology skills will you be using in this project? Photography, Photoshop, premier, filming, …

How will this project be significantly different from the current projects listed? Make direct
comparisons? This project will be significantly different from the current projects listed because it is a combination i plan on do a photo with using photos within it. I have no idea if these type of thing has a name but i’ve seen it in my elementary school. They had photos of the students all tinted different colours and the photos were tiny and the big picture was a photo of our school. The direct comparison would be we didn’t do much photography this year minus the motion film , and yeah.

What technology is needed to complete this project? a computer is needed and my digital camera.

What kind of preparation work is needed for this project? Include research The preparation work needed for this project is to set up a certain idea to take a photo of. ill need to be aware of the weather and what I would like to shoot.

What is the scope of the project? The scope of the project is to show my point of view.

How many people are needed to meet the scope of the project? I will be able to do this all on my own, and maybe the help of my brother once to capture a certain photo.

Describe pre-production work needed to prepare for this project. Pre-production work needed to prepare for this project is to figure out what to take a photo of and get it all organized.

What will you do during production? I will be capturing photos, and editing them and printing photos and putting a still motion together.

What kinds of things will you be doing in post-production? Getting my photos together.

What will the final product look and sound like when it is done? Describe with regard to scope,
difficulty, output medium (print or screen, with or without sound) The final product will look like, a stop motion film of the photos capture to create a story of life. And there will be a bigger photo consisting of the tinier photos.

Be descriptive and specific.


Use, this website:

create a mosaic photo

and a still motion photo.



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