blog 20 / update of HT news review.

Blog 20:….
Girl fakes cancer! ..


Ashley Anne Kirilow, 23, of Burlington, Ont., who will appear in court today on fraud charges, reportedly claimed that she had breast cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer stomach cancer and ovarian cancer in various combinations, even going so far as to shave her head and pluck her eyebrows and eyelashes to appear as though she’d been through chemo.

For those that don’t get it.. she pretended to have cancer for attention.. just like teen girls pretend to be pregnant for attention.. Then it got out of hand, and it was too late… because these people threw fundraisers. She doesn’t deserve to die for her mistake… just like the teen girls pretending they are pregnant, she needs help. Like yes it is so morally wrong but she decided it for herself. Also its outrageously crazy she had got a tattoo of WONT QUIT on her fingers. A little extreme. I think childhood could have definitely played a role in this girls lack of morality. I’m not saying it’s okay for her to use it as an excuse or that she shouldn’t have to pay for what she did. She should. I’m just saying I understand how sometimes the way a person was raised really does affect their ability to make decisions as adults. And it’s extremely difficult to just get over it and make a rational decision just because you’re now an adult and that’s what adults do. Maybe with counseling people like this girl can get over the childhoods that may have negatively affected their lives. And if that time comes, when she completely understands what she did wrong and why, takes responsibility, and ensures nothing like it will ever happen again, maybe then we can forgive her.

 Check out this video of the news:

A fitting punishment for this young lady would be to spend some time in a childrens’ hospital on a ward with actuall young cancer patients. To see a young person waste away from this horrible disease is gut-wrenching. I can speak from personal experiance of holding a little one as they breathed their last breath and lost the battle againest cancer. I would not wish that kind of heartbreak on any parent.

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