8 weeks of bloging, #15!

die antwoord

I was at there concert at the phoenix concert theatre Sunday October 24, 2010.

Article: http://pitchfork.com/features/articles/7766-die-antwoord/

Who the H-e-double hockey sticks Are Die Antwoord?

Since many people don’t seem to know about this musical group I thought i’d blog about them so if any of my class mates read this they will be informed.  I actually found a article on perfect for this blog as well. They are a South African hip-hop group. On the surface, Die Antwoord are simply the latest in a never-ending line of “did ya see that?!” blog-hopping music memes. Made up of lead MC Ninja (Jones), singer-rapper-sexpot Yo-Landi Vi$$er, linebacker-sized mute DJ Hi-Tek, and progerian survivor and artist Leon Bartha, the group made their live debut a year ago.

I love there music , “Enter the Ninja”and “Zef Side” . “Die Antwoord” is Afrikaans for “The Answer. They are amazing end of story.


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