lucky number 13.

Random fact: 13 is my Favourite numbaaaa :)!



Published: December 20, 2009
In the New York Times


I had deactivated my account two weeks once and when a I look back since, when I finally realised that I had become less social in the real world the more I interacted on Facebook. Plus I was really getting sick of all the inane updates from people who I remotely knew and made the mistake of “friending” them. I did hesitate for a brief second when trying to deactivate the account, as Facebook kept showing pictures of those in my friend list with the heading, “Do you *really* want to say goodbye to Sam? Or Bill? Or Mary”… whit the answer was yes. Because I wasn’t saying goodbye….they are only a phone call away. Silly Facebook. It was good to take a break for a bit. and See how it went. I learned that its not all about facebook.

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