on the twelfth day of christmas

The story of Moses, I needed to relate it to a passage of a media. For my theme I had Exodus. Exodus was the departure of the Israelites from Egypt under Moses and it is also the second book of the bible. The media I chose to use was a comic/cartoon. It simply describes how technology is so involved in our lives. New technology and gadgets are making us less productive, more stressed and removing what little life we have left. We students are a slave to technology of social networks like facebook or myspace. Their Pharaohs would be the developers of the social networks because they are in the position of authority; they hold all the power of our online social life. We need to liberate from our dependency on electronics and start living not behind a screen. Our Moses calling out to us encouraging us out of our enslavements would be our public groups at school, church and family. We our being invited to take a break from the constant focus on technology. I can see why we get addicted to these social networks, it is to be able to stay in touch with everyone but some people just get addicted. We don’t need these to take over our lives, we seemed to do just find maybe even better before they were even invented. I don’t find the addiction of these networks as bad as smoking or alcohol. I find some people put way to much information about themselves out there though.


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