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*warning: It is very graphic and is recommended for 18 and older but if they wait till 18 to see it, they may not reach 18.

I feel it is very necessary for people to see this video, especially at my age right now while everyone is getting their g2. I was recently in a car with my friend who was driving and she was texting at a red light and then it turned green and she had a delay to notice it turned green, i actually told her. I also told her not to text and drive and she respected what I said. She also told me that she has been driving for a while and knows she can text and drive. Even if she can text while driving and have seconds of her eyes off the road, it doesn’t mean another car could go into her. Even tho when driving you are in the right of way on your side of the road, it won’t help that you were in the right of way when your dead. Dont text and drive, or do anything that will distract you. Also the making of this video was obvious an acting, I would just like to say how real it looks.


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