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Facebook: Relax, we won’t sell your photos
Uploading your photos and not owning them:
Did you know everything you add to Facebook is owned by Facebook? and if you delete anything, lets say a photo it is still always on, but just not visible to you now. If you are now thinking wow, i should delete some photos or my account because facebook is kind of owning my life right now, well..
Unfortunately, they don’t let you. They only let you “Deactivate” it, storing your information and patronizingly telling you that when you return you data will still be there.
In the article they say [“We are not claiming and have never claimed ownership of material that users upload,” a statement from Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt read. And indeed, Facebook’s terms of service do say that “User Content and Applications/Connect Sites” are exempt from its claims on content ownership.]
I really don’t think facebook will start selling photos, I’m sure they are making enough money for the amount of people using this website. It’s just something to think about and to be aware of. Careful what you put out there, you never know who’s looking.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10165190-36.html#ixzz11PRf0JP6


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