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Rising TV violence blasted by parents’ group:

This article is explaining the violence on television shows in which children watch. They say “Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Prison Break, Medium, C.S.I. and CSI: Miami.” are examples of violent acts against women. “The report also singled out Fox “for using violence against women as a punchline in its comedies — in particular Family Guy and American Dad.”  I feel if parents are concerned with what their children are watching then they should monitor what channel they are on. I find with myself babysitting children that many parents use television as a babysitting tool, it keeps the child interested and quiet for a while. If you give your child the freedom to watch whatever they want they will see what you don’t want them to see. They should just stop their children from watching tv and try to spend time with them or have them do an activity outside. I also find it’s not just the television shows we watch it is also the news, the news shows us true facts of this violence. This article just to illustrate that it all depends on the parenting, not what’s on the telly. Be a parent and teach your children the difference if it’s something that you don’t personally agree with, and stop pointing the finger at someone else.

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