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To Deal With Obsession, Some Defriend Facebook

I see how Facebook could be really damaging to teens and I can see how adults can get ‘addicted’ too, but I have actually really enjoyed being on Facebook and getting to know old friends again. Through Facebook, I have seen (in person) friends who I haven’t seen in years. It’s led to us becoming friends again. I don’t find the addiction of Facebook as bad as smoking or alcohol. I find some people put way to much information on Facebook though.


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Golden (opening scene) from Dean Yurke on Vimeo.

This video was amazing, the filming had many great shots of beautiful landscape.  I love the shot creeping along the forest floor – it really draws you in. It makes me want to see this film. The music in the background really goes with the scenes it kind of remind me of harry potter.

The video where it was shot reminds me of when i was in Ireland, there’s a photo below of Ireland Aran Island showing what I mean. 


I was there!

I was with the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong. 🙂

the original

attack of the clones

The Finish product. “The Field Hockey Game”

🙂 In this story there is a field hockey game going on and there’s a coach on the side lines yelling and three fans one cheering in the stands and one jumping and another sitting and watching. There is also a runner on the track.

Not complete clone attack. >

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Photoshop Mobile App for iPhone

“Adobe introduced Photoshop Mobile for iPhone application, delivering Adobe industry-leading digital-imaging technology to users on the go.” My thought on this article can go both ways, I feel it is probably very helpful for when you need to do a quick fix up or want to edit a photo on the go. But then again I feel it is kind of bad because Photoshop can be used to create flawless photos and if you have this leisure at the palm of your hands you could be living a fake life through your photos. It could also be a distraction off of work or school.

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Rising TV violence blasted by parents’ group:

This article is explaining the violence on television shows in which children watch. They say “Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Prison Break, Medium, C.S.I. and CSI: Miami.” are examples of violent acts against women. “The report also singled out Fox “for using violence against women as a punchline in its comedies — in particular Family Guy and American Dad.”  I feel if parents are concerned with what their children are watching then they should monitor what channel they are on. I find with myself babysitting children that many parents use television as a babysitting tool, it keeps the child interested and quiet for a while. If you give your child the freedom to watch whatever they want they will see what you don’t want them to see. They should just stop their children from watching tv and try to spend time with them or have them do an activity outside. I also find it’s not just the television shows we watch it is also the news, the news shows us true facts of this violence. This article just to illustrate that it all depends on the parenting, not what’s on the telly. Be a parent and teach your children the difference if it’s something that you don’t personally agree with, and stop pointing the finger at someone else.

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